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Medion PC Restore

Restore A Medion PC!

This video shows you how to restore a Medion PC using the Application Support Disk that came with the PC. Please be aware that the computer came with another system disk which had windows on it but that disk is not used when you are restoring from the hidden partition.

Please Note: in order to get the computer to boot from the "Application Support Disk" you must turn on the computer and then insert the disk. Once the disk is inserted, you must then shut down the computer and restart it and select "BOOT FROM CD" when prompted. You should then follow the instructions provided.

Most modern computers don't use "Application Support Disks" now as all of the system file recovery data is stored on a hidden partition on the main hard drive and can normally be accessed by holding down the "F8 or F12" key during boot up.

You can also contact the vendors for help free of charge and to view their help guide and other material available. If they don't offer help free of charge or any kind of help guide for your system then I would say it's time to move on to a new system. There are a lot of systems available from Ebuyer and they are all at a reasonable price. Just check them out and see if anything meets your needs.

When you have finished restoring your system back to factory settings you should consider installing an up to date virus scanner and firewall to prevent hackers and viruses from infecting your system. I would recommend you check out the security software at Ebuyer to get a good deal. I have used them for years now and I can truley say that I have been more than satisfied with the service I have received to date.

Once you have your virus scanner and firewall installed make sure you get all the security updates for your system from microsoft as these updates help to keep your system running smooth and safe. you can normally access the update system by clicking on "START" at the bottom left of the screen and then depending on which version of windows you are using, you can then navigate to the "Windows Update" selection which is normally within the "All Programs" part of the menu.